The Ripon Volunteer Fireman’s Association is a group of Volunteers from the community who have passed a written and oral exam, as well as a physical agility test and are voted in by the Association to become Volunteer Firefighters and Ambulance personnel. They then must go through probationary training for 1 year. The Ripon Volunteer Firemen’s Association consists of approximately 30 volunteers. The Ripon Volunteer Fireman’s Association was incorporated in 1949.

Company 1

Firefighter: Austin Bauknecht

Firefighter: Mark Ziesel

Firefighter: Chad Cheek

Firefighter: Mike Humphrey

Firefighter: Adam House

Firefighter: Chris Vincent

Firefighter: Ryan Johnson

Firefighter: Kory Parks

Company 2

Firefighter: Vince Bowman

Firefighter: Brian Pratt

Firefighter: Chad Hendrix

Firefighter: Jeff Woodbridge

Firefighter: Ryan Mackey

Firefighter: David Hein

Firefighter: George Montes

Firefighter: Val Valdez

 Firefighter: Zachary Feist

Company 3

Lieutenant: Todd Mills

Firefighter: Keith Haines

Firefighter: Jordan Hogan

Firefighter: Ray Gerdes

Firefighter: Chase Keener

Firefighter: Joshua Sumpter

Firefighter: Christopher Myers