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Digital social media

Current as of March 17, 2023

The Ripon Consolidated Fire District does its best to promote effective communication and maintain a respectful dialog.  We monitor all postings and conversations and expect that users on our social media will not post content or make comments that fall into the categories listed below.  We reserve the right to remove the following types of comments on our postings:


  • False, misleading, or deceptive


  • Statements that are contrary to the purpose or values of the Ripon Consolidated Fire District


  • Defamatory, offensive, or sexual


  • Personal attacks or name-calling


  • Posts or comments containing confidential information


  • Spamming or trolling posts


  • Commercial posts selling services and/or products


  • Links to other websites or Facebook pages (if not considered appropriate)


Also please note, we reserve the right to block any user if necessary, and without notice.  The appearance of external websites and Facebook pages do not constitute an endorsement by Ripon Consolidated Fire District.  Any postings by contributors can be re-used by Ripon Consolidated Fire District in any other forum.  Ripon Consolidated Fire District is not responsible for contributors’ posts.

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